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A small shop named "Sepid Nylon" was established in Molavi street in 1979 that provided nylon products. At that time, the place was used just for selling the products. But because of the markets demand and the founders foresight the shop became the production workshop by a small extruder device in 1983. The excitement and anxiety for production on one hand , and creativity and managment on the other hand directed the company toward development. So that the number of devices and then the production capacity increased remarkably . Considering the increase of work and production capacity, a small workshop did not satisfy the markets demand. So the factory relocated to a large one in Khatoon Abad at Khavaran road.
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Mission and Goals:

Presently, the competion in field of production has reached a point in which the smallest issues in production are carefully studied by the companies.
producing high - quality , low - price products with good and attracting packing and safe properties, speed of market entering, on-time and proper use of the future opportunities are among the main distresses for the producers.

Nylon Sepid Mfg. Co. (PJS) deems itself duty - bound to decrease the said distress through producing high-quality products with a reasonable price and on-time delivery of products.

Production Capacity of company:

Various equipment and machineries, scientific managment, daily capacity of 120000 kg, has made the company as one of the best companies in this industry.
Because of its high production capacity, Sepid Nylon Co. meets a huge amount of clients demands.

Technical Diversity of products & services:

Considering the present capabilities, Nylon Sepid Mfg. Co. (PJS). is one the most equipped companies in the middle east. The company can provide a complete package of services by having equipments for production of nylon, nylex, cellophane(multi layer) products, their stitching and printing. It can provide the clients with any size and formula of products.
Its experienced personnel and engineers can provide the clients with the lowest price in the shortest time.

Research, Development & Quality Control:

The company considers the research as a necessity of dynamic industrial activity.
It tries to produce new standard products through the present science.
Here, the company`s experienced engineers in quality control, standard products design according to clients order and even by reversed engineering methods, try to produce products with a very high quality based on the clients needs.
Research in production polymer films in Iran is a young phenomenon, less studied by the producers.
But since Nylon Sepid Mfg. Co. (PJS) . is a well-known company it has always tried to pionneer the creativity in this industry.

Production Records:

Since the company has a long record in the industry, it `s in contact with different clients, that is big clients who have a big share in Iran `s economy.
Generally, a great population of clients (thousands) may be seen in following industries:
Food industries, agriculture, fishery, electricity, and electronics, publication, building materials, automobile and relevant industries, transport,post & communication, tourism and entertainment and residence services, restaurants, private and chain stores, publicity,...


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