Industrial Group Mazeroon foam

The Mazeroon Foam Ghaem Industrial Complex has launched producing Polyethylene and polystyrene derived materials since 2004. The complex, with three equipped and modern factories in Mazandaran Province, North of Iran, aims to introduce new economic products for construction, packing, insulation, and disposable dishes uses. Besides, it produces different high quality kinds of Polyethylene and polystyrene foams on the demands of users. Relying on its relentless efforts of experienced and knowing experts, the complex has achieved successful domestic as well as foreign marketing.
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The Mazeron Foam Ghaem Industrial Complex has gained necessary national and international standard certificates including:

  • First holder of national standard of 11108 in Iran
  • First cooperating laboratory of National Standard and Industrial Researches Institute of Iran
  • Winner of the top title in industry section in Mazandaran Province from 2010
  • Winner of the top title in research and development (R & D) section in 2013
  • Winner of the top title in standard institute of Mazandaran Province in 2010
  • The top-runner national job-creator in industry section in 2010
  • Holder of ISO 9001: 2008 certificate
  • Holder of production license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • Holder of research and development (R & D) license


The Mazeroon Foam Ghaem Industrial Complex has successful experiences in the fields of production, quality control, marketing, and customer services. The standard organizational hierarchy and wide distribution network countrywide as well as contraction with domestic and foreign merchants in neighboring countries, especially Central Asian Countries, have paved the way for brighter horizons for the complex; and Mazeroon Foam Ghaem is the first industrial complex of Iran in exporting Polyethylene foams.



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